Wilderness Survival Hacks: What to Do When You Get Lost in the Woods

Hiking, hunting, camping, and other outdoor wilderness adventure is quite exciting. The fun does not stop when you encounter breath-taking sceneries of nature and exotic animals. The wilderness is indeed full of surprises that are worth exploring. 

Albeit hiking and hunting are enjoyable, these outdoor sports are its risks. One of it is getting lost. 

Each year, there are hunters, hikers, and campers reported lost while traversing the woods. Thus, for first time  explorers, you should learn how to survive and avoid getting lost in the wilderness. Remember, in the woods, there is no one you can approach. You will be surrounded by endless woods, fields or mountains. Therefore, help is unlikely to happen in a flash. 

Then, what should you do if you happen to get lost in the woods? 

Here are some important survival tips that have to remember and follow. 

#1 Do STOP! 

Experts recommend to STOP if you get lost in the midst of wilderness. STOP is an acronym for Stop, Think, Observe and Plan. If you could not track back your path, stop moving. Never panic in your situation. Panic is one of the reasons why some hunters could not find their way back. However, as a person you might feel the urge to run, find the trail and panic. But do not let yourself succumb to your fear. Take a pause; breathe in and out to calm yourself. Next, try to assess your surroundings. Start thinking when you got off the trail and the path you took instead. Then, plan your course of action. 

#2 Use Navigation Tools 

In this modern era, smartphones have a GPS (Global Positioning System). However, you cannot trust your gadgets all the time. They run out of power and get ruined when wet unless it is a waterproof device. Hence, always pack every navigation tool you will need. A compass, map or get one with a GPS embedded survival watch. If you must, learn how to read directions from an expert before going out in the woods. 

#3 Never Trust Every Path You See 

When you get lost, you might see trails while trying to navigate your way back. Do not trust these trails. It could lead you farther from your original trial. Take in mind that there are animals living in the woods. It is probably an animal’s track that you are following. Hence, rely on your map or compass instead of these trails. 

#4 Mark your Trail 

Another way to avoid going in circles is to mark your path. For instance, leave a mark on trees so you will know whether you already passed the trail. 

#5 Camp in a Safe Ground 

If you can’t find your way until sunset, look for a safe place to camp. Do not camp near animal trails or indications of animal attacks. Also, always stay alert from your surroundings. 

It is difficult to get lost in the woods. Thus, make sure to learn everything you have to know before going on a wilderness adventure.